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Product Liability - Accidents involving Cars and Heavy Equipment
We continue to focus on accident cases involving cars, trucks bulldozers, Backhoes, Dump Trucks, Cranes, Road Equipment, other heavy equipment and consumer products. Some of these auto cases involve single-vehicle crashes, while others involve multiple-vehicle accidents. We would like to review any case involving catastrophic injury or death.
On-the-job Product Liability - Product Claims arise from Workers Compensation
Many times product claims arise from workers compensation claims. After an investigate the circumstances that caused the injuries, many times discovery is of a defective machine that caused the injuries.
18-wheelers - Differences Between Interstate Trucking Case & Car Wreck Cases
We are handling a lot of these cases. There are significant differences between handling an interstate trucking case and other car wreck cases. It is imperative to be up to speed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, technology, business practices, insurance coverages, and the ability to discover written and electronic records. Expert testimony is of utmost importance.
Unintended Acceleration - Unintended Acceleration of Lexus & Toyota Vehicles
We are actively investigating and filing cases of unintended acceleration involving more than 4 million Lexus and Toyota vehicles. There is some concern that the problem may extend beyond an issue with floor mats, involving the car's mechanical or electrical systems.
Leaking Underground Storage Tanks - Toxins Leak Causing Property Damage
These cases involve toxins that leak out of underground gasoline tanks and cause property damage to neighboring land. We have had a lot of success in these cases and have found that expert testimony and knowledge of the applicable regulations are the keys.
Automobile Wrecks - If You Have Been Injured
If have been in an automobile wreck and have been injured. This office handles type claims on a regular basis and collect against trucking firms, insurance companies individuals and negligent parties.
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