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Bolen & Bolen, Attorneys at Law
H. Ralph Bolen, Esq.
Bolen & Bolen, Attorneys at Law is the result of the successes of H. Ralph Bolen, Esq., combined with the efforts of his sons, Ralph J. Bolen, Esq., and Randall H. Bolen, Esq.. H. Ralph Bolen, Esq. “Ralph” was born in Coffeeville, Clarke County, Alabama on January 21, 1919, and passed away on July 7, 1996. He graduated from the University of Alabama Law School and practiced law for 44 years with his offices in Birmingham, Alabama. He was a great asset to the firm and will be sorely missed.
Ralph J. Bolen, Esq.
Ralph J. Bolen, Esq. “Ralph” graduated from the University of Alabama, in 1973. Mr. Bolen graduated from Jones Law Institute on January 11, 1977 and was admitted to practice law on April 11, 1977. Mr. Bolen has practiced in all state and federal courts and has handled matters receiving national attention, dealing with complex litigation with multiple parties in several jurisdictions.
Randall H. Bolen, Esq.
Randall H. Bolen, "Randy" graduated from the University of South Alabama in 1979, and from Birmingham School of Law in 1987. He was licensed to practice law in October of 1987, and has practiced in the State of Alabama in various courts. Mr. Bolen has represented individuals, LLC's, Partnerships, and Corporaitons in courts and before licensing boards and state agencies.
Bolen & Bolen, Attorneys at Law has over 100 years of experience practicing law in all courts of the State of Alabama Federal Northern District of Alabama, The Eleventh Circuit of the United States Supreme Court. Though our offices are located in Birmingham, our practice extends to all parts of the State of Alabama.
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