Bolen & Bolen Attorneys at Law
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Birmingham, AL 35213
Professional Services with Personal Attention
For any matters you are having problems with please feel free to contact this office.
A prompt response will be delivered in a professional and confidential manner.

Matters that involve courts will require a contract of employment, for services rendered and expenses incureed.

If you have any questions about the representation by this office please feel free to contact us to discuss the matter.

This firms strives to represent their clients' best interest and uly provide the services need to.
How do I become a client?
Sign a contract of employment
Important to an Attorney Client Relationship:
Due diligence is applied to all cases
Communication is a requirement and failure to cooperate will terminate the relationship!
Time is our most valuable asset. Thank you for your inquiry!
Onall matters please feel free to discuss the Attorneys fees with the Attorney.

All matters will require a contract of employment. If you have any questions please ask.
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