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   If you are involved in a traffic accident, you must stop at once and aid any injured persons. Call for medical assistance if necessary. Before the police arrive, use whatever means available to warn other traffic (flags, flares, etc).

    It is dangerous to move injured persons. You should avoid moving the injured unless it is absolutely necessary to remove them from areas threatened by fire or other dangers common to a crash scene. Keep the injured lying or sitting down until competent medical aid arrives. Apply first aid to the injured, making the persons as comfortable as possible. Treat for shock. Remember that a layman can give "too much first aid."

   It is wise for every motorist to become familiar with first aid treatment by enrolling in Red Cross sponsored courses or other training courses offered by groups and organizations. You may not only save another person's life with your knowledge, but it will also make you a more safety-conscious individual.

     Remember - you must STOP whenever you are involved in a crash. Give your name, address, and registration number and show your driver license to other persons involved. This applies to any type of accident.

       Any accident involving personal injury or $500.00 of more of property damage or personal injury,  Must be reported to the police.

What should I do if involved in an accident?


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