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Juvenile Matters

Is your child in trouble? - out of control?

Skipping School?  On drugs? In a Gang?

Is the child dependent? - In need of care?

School Matters

Special Education -Has your child been tested ?

Does your child qualify for  Special education?

ISP Hearings - Is your school providing for the annual ISP?  Are they following the plan?  Will your child graduate on time?.


When a child is arrested and taken into custody, his or her status as a delinquent is determined by the Juvenile court of the state if Alabama.  The court has authority to incarcerate the child, and hold the parents liable for damages and fines the child may incur from his or her behavior. The laws of Alabama can be very harsh and draconian. The consequences of a conviction can require the parents to submit to drug tests and random searches of the home.

The procedure of Alabama Juvenile courts requires immediate attention.

Representation by this office can make a difference in the child’s future and the family’s future. The confusing requirements on court dates, when and where and who should appear before the Judge,  can create conflicts with work and out of town schedules. Call us to solve your problem. This firm has represented juvenile matters in many courts throughout the state.

Guardian Ad Litem

In the state of Alabama, a Guardian Ad Litem may be appointed by the Court to represent the child and to act in the child’s best interest, which may be in conflict with the interests of the parents.  The cost or fees of the Guardian Ad Litem are assessed by the court against the parents or other responsible party.

Court-Appointed Attorney

You must be facing a possible incarceration for the court to appoint an attorney to represent you on the charges.  There is no right to a court appointed attorney in any other case or matter in the state of Alabama.

If the court appoints you an attorney, the cost of the attorney will be assessed as court costs and the person will be paying for an attorney not of their own choosing.